Top quality care in a professional environment.

Our facility is located on 65 acres in Carthage, NC, just 50 minutes south of Raleigh and 10 miles from Southern Pines & Pinehurst.

Our barn features 20, 12’x12′ stalls that are warm in the winter and cool in the summer with plenty of air flow. We have a 300′ x 180′ ring with fabulous footing and multiple large shady paddocks designed for comfort and security.

It is our first priority that our horses have a calm, peaceful, comfortable, secure home with excellent care and handling.

We offer tailored individual feeding program with unlimited quality hay. Horses are turned out (either solo or with a friend) every day, weather permitting. There is no extra cost for blanketing, putting on boots, fly masks etc.

Night check is provided by our staff that lives on property.

Inquire for training or sale/consignment board.

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